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raised for 2021-2025

AIM For Climate Ideations

AIM for Climate partner-hosted events to advance AIM for Climate’s goal and objectives

AIM for Climate "Ideations" offer an opportunity for Government Partners, Innovation Sprint Partners and Knowledge Partners to further support the goal and objectives of the initiative by hosting events and activities throughout the year.

Ideations could highlight innovations that reflect the core competencies of AIM for Climate partners. For example, an Ideation could be a virtual workshop featuring multiple partners and their projects that support the objectives of a particular AIM for Climate innovation sprint.

AIM for Climate partners are encouraged to work together to facilitate Ideations and lead coordination and facilitation. Ideations should be open for participation by all AIM for Climate partners and AIM for Climate intends to assist with the promotion of Ideations. A summary of the Ideation is requested within 2 weeks following the conclusion of an Ideation. Outcomes from Ideations may be further amplified and/or advanced at COP29.

AIM for Climate partners may wish to consider Ideations that enable:

  • Insight Sharing:
    Share best practices to increase the equitable diffusion of – and positive returns to – agricultural innovation efforts focused on adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change.
  • Innovation Collaboration:
    Launch flexible, inclusive, and targeted innovation collaboration focused on specific innovation areas, guided by the values of openness, transparency, reciprocity, and merit-based competition. Note: for example, this could lead to/result in the development of, and/or feature existing, AIM for Climate innovation sprints.
  • Institutional Capacity Building:
    Collaborate to increase mutual and equitable capacity for agricultural innovation focused on climate change, including efforts to enhance the efficacy and resourcing of existing innovation institutions.
  • Coordination:
    Facilitate sharing of information and partnerships among national-level government agricultural innovation and academic research institutions; international research centers, institutions, and laboratory networks; and national agricultural research extension systems.
  • Demonstration and Deployment:
    Support efforts for innovations generated or promoted through AIM for Climate activities to be effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously demonstrated and/or deployed to reach farmers, food producers, and others, particularly in climate-vulnerable countries.

AIM for Climate partners interested in hosting an AIM for Climate Ideation should submit requests via the Ideation proposal form.

Please note, only AIM for Climate partners may host an AIM for Climate Ideation. 

The views and opinions expressed in AIM for Climate Ideations are those of the speakers and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs, views or positions of AIM for Climate or its partners.

AIM for Climate Innovation Sprints Focal Areas Ideation Events

A series of AIM for Climate Innovation Sprints Focal Areas 2022 ideation events were hosted by the UN Foundation in the spring of 2022, to communicate the purpose and nature of innovation sprints and provide a platform for experts to talk about documented needs and investment opportunities in the agriculture and climate innovation ecosystem.

The events also illustrated how specific research activities will translate into innovation on the ground and how they will benefit from engagement by the AIM for Climate community. Read the full summary here or watch the recorded webinars here